Girls Briefs (Pack of 5)

These dainty and durable bikini panties include elegant lace and floral embellishments. Made with 100% cotton, these panties are perfect for girls who are comfortable with this classic style.

Style: Pack of 5

Colors: Cabbage, Fairy, Gray, Lemon, White

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The HipnHappy Girls Bikini Panties are a must-have for every girl's wardrobe, owing to their simple design and classic style. We use the softest 100% cotton fabric to create these comfortable and irritation-free panties, assuring that it feels as delicate as it appears. We also promise durability along with great design. Choose from a wide range of colours. Your girls will love these panties

Key Features

Functional Fly

100% Cotton

No Harmful Chemicals

Comfy Waistband

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