HipnHappy is a premium kids inner-wear brand by Premier Merchandising Agency Pvt. Ltd. headquartered in Delhi, India.
Our team, comprising of experienced professionals, has endeavored to develop a premium inner-wear brand for children that affords a perfect fit for pleasure. Our objective is for children to be at ease, focus their attention and expend all their energies on activities that foster development and growth. Children perform best when they are comfortable.
Ruchi Bajaj is a designer at heart and leads a team of merchandisers. Ruchi loves for kids to be happy, and she always aspired of producing inner-wear which would make kids feel great. This aspiration motivated her to conceptualize and create HipnHappy.

The HipnHappy dream could be turned into reality by able support from Nikhil Bargale. He is an industry veteran with experience in fashion retail, e-commerce, and apparel export. He has worked with top organizations, including Flipkart, Nike, and Levi Strauss, and now heads business affairs at HipnHappy.

We, at HipnHappy, value comfort and believe comfort is best expressed when experienced. We would love for you to check out our products.