Boys' Briefs


How To Buy Briefs for Boys: A Complete Guide

Buying underwear for children can be one of the most confusing tasks for a parent. It is completely different from selecting underwear for adults and the stakes are much higher.

That is because, for children's underwear, your top priority should always be comfortable. From choosing a breathable fabric to looking for relaxed-fit underwear, you must put your baby's comfort first in all your decisions.

These choices might be difficult to make, especially because your child will not be able to help you much in the process. To guide you through this daunting task, here is a complete guide.

How To Buy Briefs for Boys?

Briefs for Boy should be bought following some simple rules and standards. These help you determine the size and pick the right fabric. Some of these are:

  1. Know what size briefs you want beforehand: Before you visit a store, be it online or offline, know what size briefs your son needs beforehand. To understand what size underwear your child needs, use a measuring tape to get the size of his hips, and the complete circumference of his pelvic area. For this, you need to keep the following things in mind
    1.  His waist measurements: Horizontally measure the thinnest of your son's waist, just below his ribs. Get the region just above his belly button. Do not tighten the tape.
    2. His hip measurement: Measure the widest point of his pelvis horizontally. It is essential to get the measurement of the circumference of bis buttocks. Match these with the size charts available to figure out what size your son needs.
  2. Pick out the fabric: The next step is to pick out the right fabric. Choose a soft, sensitive, and breathable fabric that keeps him comfortable and happy all day long.


Get briefs that are not too loose or too tight. They should be just perfect so that his movements do not get restricted. To Buy Boys' Briefs of the perfect size, fit, and quality, check out renowned websites like HipnHappy





  1. Why baby boys should wear briefs?

Briefs give baby boys especially teenagers great confidence. Briefs hide unnecessary body parts and give ample support. Besides, these are perfect for summer wears as they cover a minimal area of skin.

  1. How to choose the right brief for boys?

To choose the right brief for your baby boy you need to have the proper measurement of his waist. Also, you need to pick up a snug-fit piece instead of a loose one.

  1. Which age is perfect for baby boys to wear briefs?

The age of 5-8 is perfect for wearing briefs. However, as per the body growth and comfort level, you can make your baby boy wear briefs.

  1. What options does HipnHappy offer for baby boy briefs?

HipnHappy offers options like combo packs, multiple colours, multiple sizes etc. for baby boy briefs. You can find combo packs with different ranges. Each combo pack has multiple colour and print options. You can choose these combo packs for kids of different age groups.

  1. How to take care of baby boy briefs?

To take proper care of baby boy briefs, you need to wash them with mild detergent, dry them in a shady place and not rub them harshly. These will retain the elasticity, colour and softness of the briefs.