Girls lace camis are one of the most important wardrobe-essentials. You can style them in different ways and enjoy a comfortable fit. Moreover, they come in different prints, designs and sizes so, you can get the perfect matches for yourself easily. But, you must take good care of them to get the maximum benefits and super longevity. Read on to know how.

How to Take Care of Girls Lace Camis?

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to take proper care of a lace camisole:

  1. Follow Care Instruction

Care instructions are always to guide you properly. Hence, these instructions can also be brand specific so, you should not skip reading such care guides. If you buy camisoles from HipnHappy we offer detailed care guides that will help you to keep the camisoles in the best condition for a long time.

  1. Washing Precautions

Girls camisoles with lace are delicate pieces that should be washed carefully. You must hand wash it gently with mild detergent and lukewarm water. Try to soak the camisoles for a considerable amount of time before washing so all dirt comes out easily. Also, hand washing is the most preferable way because it helps to retain the softness of the fabric.

  1. Rinse and Do Not Squeeze

Rinse the soap water until the clean water comes out. Afterwards, refrain from squeezing the camisoles hard instead keep them loosely so the excess water drops thoroughly. It will prevent your fabric from tearing quickly.

  1. Dry and Iron Carefully

Do not dry the lace camisoles in direct sun. Instead, you should dry it in a shady place so its colour does not get burnt. Also, while ironing, keep the heat low so the lace or any design does not get any harm. You can also place a thin cotton cloth over the laces so they do not catch direct heat.


While buying girls lace camisoles online you should check the fabric quality, colour material, lace care guides etc. so you can take proper care of the camisoles. However, to get some amazing and long-lasting lace camisoles check out HipnHappy’s collection now.