All You Know about Camisoles with Scalloping

Scalloped camisoles are a kind of underwear with scalloped patterned decorative edges. This pattern is typically seen on the hemline or neckline of the camisole. Nevertheless, there are products in which this pattern is present on both the neckline and hemline. Continue reading to know more about scallop-trimmed camisoles.

What is Scalloping?

Scalloping is a unique design used to enhance the aesthetics and appeal of women's clothing. This pattern can be done on a variety of fabrics, including lace, chiffon, silk, and fabric.

A camisole with scalloping can therefore be worn alone or under dresses, making them ideal for casual outings with your little girl. These camisoles are appropriate for them to wear both indoors and when playing.

What are the Materials Used to Make a Camisole with Scalloping?

The manufacturing process of a scalloped camisole is quite intricate and demands utmost precision. Just like any other camisole, scallop-trimmed camis are made using 100% breathable cotton. Additionally, the fabric used for the scalloping must be particularly soft to prevent irritation on the baby’s skin. HipnHappy has reached perfection in this area since we only use premium fabric to make these camis.

How to Take Care of Camisoles with Scalloping?

You must treat these inner garments gently because they are quite delicate and have lovely designs. Additionally, you must delicately wash scalloped camisoles in order to preserve the colour and scalloping does not quickly fade. To be more particular, you should also adhere to the product's care instructions.


Therefore, if you are looking forward to buying a scallop lace cami online for your little one, we suggest you take a look at HipnHappy’s product catalogue. We manufacture our products with utmost care to ensure that the comfort and design of the products suit your child’s needs.